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Nadeen School heading
Since 1978, Nadeen School has been dedicated to providing a nurturing, safe, stimulating, and encouraging environment in which children of all ages, nationalities, abilities, and strengths can develop a lifelong love for exploration and learning.

Welcome to Key Stage 1

Through all of our Key Stages we have a focus on the holistic child and the life-long learner. This ethos and continuity of practise unites all three Key Stages in to our "Small School - Big Family."

KS1 comprises years 1 and 2 (ages 5-7).

Class 2L

The 8Cs' form the foundation of the educational journey that our children make:

  • Confidence - being able to take risks in our learning and tackle hard challenges
  • Curiosity - wanting to know about the world around us and always asking questions
  • Creativity - turning new and imaginative ideas into reality
  • Collaboration - working with others to achieve goals and overcome challenges
  • Communication - being able to express ourselves freely and respectfully
  • Craftsmanship - trying as hard as we can to produce the best possible outcome
  • Commitment - being resilient learners and never giving up
  • Critical Thinking - having the ability to solve problems and think independently.

We believe that if children are equipped with these interrelated skills, they can learn anything and will be successful, lifelong learners.

We enjoy a challenging mix of play-based learning and more formal curriculum teaching. We have a stimulating learning environment, both inside and outside, in order to encourage role play, problem-solving, creative play and independent learning.

We teach the English National Curriculum, which we adapt to our needs and enrich with extra-curricular activities, trips and special days. We cater for the needs of all children through extensive programmes of learning support and English as an additional language alongside plenty of challenge and exciting extension activities.

We believe in a holistic approach to learning and developing the whole child, not just a narrow focus on academic achievement. We do this in many ways but an example is the Nadeen School Farm where we grow vegetables and keep chickens and ducks and the occasional visiting goat!

Class 2L

One of our 8Cs is communication. We use a number of different platforms to communicate with parents (such as Class Dojo, email and Classe365) because we believe that home / school communication is essential to ensure good learning. We have an open door policy at the school, meaning that parents can meet with class teachers and school leaders formally and informally on a regular basis. We encourage parents to come in to school and get involved with their child's learning

If you'd like to know more about what we do in Key Stage 1, please do come and see us and take a tour of our lovely school.