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Since 1978, Nadeen School has been dedicated to providing a nurturing, safe, stimulating, and encouraging environment in which children of all ages, nationalities, abilities, and strengths can develop a lifelong love for exploration and learning.

Parent Involvement

PTA Visit to the Fort

A lot of Nadeen parents ask how they can become involved with their child's education and school activities. If you would like to know more about the parent participation opportunities available at Nadeen School then keep on reading!

"Open Door Policy"

We have an Open Door Policy at Nadeen School. This means that, for the majority of the morning, our classroom doors remain open. It also means that the school office is open to you at any time. Parents are able to visit the class each day by escorting their child directly to class each morning, and collecting them from the classroom at the end of the day. By doing this, you will be able to see the classroom each day.

Art Workshop

Meetings with Teachers

Parents are welcome to arrange an appointment to meet with their child's class teacher at any time during the school year. In addition, we have two Oral Report sessions, one in the first term and one in the second term, to formally discuss the children's progress. Parents are welcome to request other meetings with the teachers, Key Stage Heads, Headteacher, or Principal at any time.

Support via PTA

Nadeen School's PTA is an active group which supports schools activities and also runs separate events to promote school spirit and fund-raise. If you are not able to be on the PTA committee there are other ways you can help the PTA - by helping on specific days, by supporting PTA events, and by offering support for donations of goods and services.


Support School Events

Parents can support school events in a number of different ways. You will receive an event calendar of school events and theme weeks or you can download one here, and all parents are invited to participate. If you have an interest in any of our theme weeks then please let your class teacher know. You can join in with class activities, do a presentation for the class or year group, or bring things in to "show and tell."

Support individual class Days or arrange a presentation for your child's class

You may like to host a presentation or day for your child's class. For example: we had a parent in Year 6 who came in to the class and told the children about her job as an Archeologist. She then arranged an archeological dig for the children in the playground, and lead them in a discussion about history, artifacts, and so on. Another parent went on a great trip to Egypt and gave a talk to both of her son's classes about Ancient Egypt, the pyramids, and pharos. We also like it when parents come in to school to tell us about their own country and culture.

Attend Open Days and Curriculum Days

During the first term we hold Curriculum Days and an Open Day. We invite all parents to attend. We also host informal Open Days on our activity days, such as International Day, where parents are welcome to stay at school, watch our Costume Parade, and participate in class activities throughout the school.

Ask your class teacher how you can become involved!

Can you help with anything in the class? Hear children read? Take an art and craft class? Make posters or models? Ask your class teacher how you can help in the class.

We have outlined above a few ways you can support your child and the school throughout this school year. We all welcome your ideas and suggestions - remember that this is your school, too!


New to Bahrain?

Check out our 'New Comers to Bahrain' leaflet for information on living, shopping and socialising in Bahrain.